The Prophet Moses

St. Anselm in the twelfth Century said, “I do not seek understanding in order to have faith, but faith leads me to seek understanding.” The same was true for many of the Old Testament writers such as Joshua, Samuel, Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezra. And the same is true for the author of “The Prophet Moses: Leader, Teacher, Author, Judge.” On several occasions while researching and writing the book, the author faced difficult questions of faith and began to seek God for answers. God did grant a measure of understanding and the result is this book. Not that the answers are necessarily the final ones, but they represent the beginning of a new direction in faith and reason. The biblical critics who sought to explain the origin of the books of Moses with the Documentary Hypothesis seem to have an attitude which puts intellect first and faith afterward, if at all. That theory reduces the Bible to the status of mythology or even superstition. With a new and innovative theory gained from faith, prayer, study and the grace of God, the author has written a criticism of the critics and has received fresh insight into the Bible as the Word of God. The assumptions and speculations of the Bible’s most persistent critics are found lacking in both reason and evidence. With this new theory in hand, students and people in the pews can launch into personal study of the Bible with renewed confidence that they will find God’s answers to life’s great questions.



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