The Intelligence of Captain Heinz

What does it take to change history?

Dr. Jane Gaffey is a new breed of scientist—one who is able to experiment with history thanks to recent breakthroughs in computer technology—and she has one overarching question: What kind of change would be necessary to significantly alter the outcome of the surprise Japanese attack of December 7, 1941, which triggered America’s entry into World War II? At a prestigious research institute, Gaffey is able to use the amazing new technology to insert volunteer Bill Baxter—a former Navy fighter pilot—directly into the complex, highly realistic computer simulation she has created. Baxter assumes the personality of Captain John Heinz, a young Marine Corps aviator on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he forms an unusual alliance with a bright but unconventional Navy enlisted man and the naval base librarian, an alluring Japanese-American woman. Their goal? To blunt not only the initial Japanese blow but also attacks on other American territories that will soon follow. As the experiment draws to a close, Dr. Gaffey must face the answer to her research question along with a new one: Will she be able to extract her volunteer from the simulated world of 1941?

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 31 × 23 cm


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