Yes, millennials are the future of America. A nation will never be successful if its future generation is not educated and does not create leaders. Among many sensitive issues in America, the matter of student loans is the most crucial one. However, their demand to make the college education affordable, loan repayment system more lenient and flexible is ubiquitous and constitutes not just the story of the loan borrowers and the government but also a tapestry of the whole nation. This book highlights the causes of tuition hikes and compares how other industrially advanced countries are handling this issue both from the graduation rates and quality of their graduates. It also highlights the future of millennials as their net worth is shrinking – less cash in hands, homeownership is historically low, the government supports for mandatory services have been decreasing and will continue to decrease due to a significant increase of national debt, possible increase in taxes, etc., all these will make their retirement lives uncomfortable. This is not only limited to student loan borrowers but is also happening across the entire population of young Americans; they will be much less affluent than their preceding generation. This is not the case of Democrats or Republicans, nor blacks or whites, all are in the same basket. The findings of many prestigious research are presented in favor of this argument. They are suffering due to the lack of a strong pressure group, student loans have not made the lawmakers’ priority list despite being a national problem. The solution to this problem is in their hands – just play the trump card following the democratic rules – laws of the land.Student loan borrowers are 45 million strong and comprise one of the largest voting blocs of the nation. They have their spouses, siblings, and parents by their sides. If they persuade two family members to be supporters of their legitimate issue, they will have more than 130 million voters by their side—more than what any President has bagged in the history of American elections. This force can easily change the American political landscape.



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