My Peace I leave with you

The world is a tumultuous place.

Between wars and hunger, heartbreak and confusion, it can be difficult for Christians to understand and process the troubles we face in this life. But what if we have been looking at things with the wrong perspective? What would happen if we began to understand that Jesus does not provide peace from our troubles; rather, He provides peace as we go through our troubles?

My Peace I Leave You by Dr. Hillrey Dufner is an inspiring book, which challenges our tightly-held notions of what peace is supposed to be with what peace actually is. Inspired by John 14:27, Dufner contrasts peace as defined by the world with God’s definition of it, showing how Jesus’s death and resurrection provide true and lasting peace for those who put their trust in Him.

Come along on the journey, taking an in-depth look at what the Lord says about peace in His Word. From creation through the fall of man and on to Jesus’s life and death, see how peace was lost and ultimately redeemed, and what that means for us today. Learn how to access the life-changing, never-ending peace that is available to all who seek it.

Satisfied readers have said:
“Studying this work has given me a new level of understanding and gratitude for His peace. I totally love Hillrey’s joy in his creation story. Reading it again is a must for me.”
Mary McDonald

“Reading this book has helped me tremendously with putting peace in my life. I plan to let Jesus help me focus on what is really important and let Him take care of the other stuff.”
Andrew Downing

“This work sheds light on a subject not understood well, even among some of the most ardent followers of Jesus.”
Oran Isbell

Dr. Hillrey Dufner is a family man married 52 years to Earlene, father of 6 very successful children, and grandfather of 9. He is a long-time educator retired after 43 years in various Texas public education positions from teacher to Executive Director of Secondary Education. He spent several years as an adjunct professor for several universities and one year as an education professor at York College in Nebraska. He lives in Elgin, Texas and serves as a director of missions of the Bastrop Church of Christ. He now enjoys substituting, public speaking, gardening and playing with grandkids.



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