Mathematical Milestone

This book shows you the progress of mathematics and its uses over time. Readers will clearly see how business, engineering, economics, physics, and other fields contributed to the development of mathematics, and conversely, how these areas have evolved because of this.

The author concentrates on how mathematics has grown in the last four centuries, but also includes the ancient and worldwide history of this subject. He wants you to experience number theory of 400 BCE right on up to Artificial Intelligence of today. Learn about how matrix algebra, invented in China in 300 BCE, was used to solve practical business problems concerning inventory, sales and taxes. It turns out that this same procedure was re-invented in 1800 CE in the Western world. We can marvel at the invention of non-Euclidean geometries and imaginary numbers around 1830. We can sense the emotions on a rollercoaster ride from Hamilton’s jubilance in 1843 when he found the missing piece for his quaternions to Frege’s agony on the receipt of Russell’s letter in 1903.



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